Our ventilation systems are a simple and an environmentally sensible solution to healthy and comfortable homes and working environment.
The benefits of having Regular fresh air flow circulation for any home or work place are enormous such as:

Residential Skylights

  • Improving air quality
  • Eliminate mould issue
  • Reduce Moisture
  • Helps cooling
  • Save on energy

Our Ventilation Range:

  • Roof Ventilation

    We offer a range of roof ventilation systems, with energy saving features including the ability to use the abundant sources of solar power in Melbourne. Our units include:

    Residential Skylights
    • Solar Powered Roof fan:Energy saving attic fans which run on solar power. Melbourne homes can make the most of the sun's rays by installing a roof ventilation system to cover spaces from 115 square metres to 190 square metres.
    • Electric Powered Roof Fans: Our low horsepower fan model is a great way to provide maximum air flow and extend the life of your roof. The unit also comes with an inbuilt thermostat to control operation of the fan, which is specially designed for soundless air flow.
    • Wind Powered Roof fans: The traditional Whirly bird which has been installed for decades on roofs in various sizes and colours to match your roof.
  • Room Ventilation : Remove moisture in wet rooms (bathrooms, ensuites and laundries) and keep them dry and fresh.
  • Combo Ventilation with Skylights: Skylights with ventilation. Ventilated skylights are ideal where ventilation and light is required as a combination. This can apply in bathrooms, ensuites, laundries, kitchens and other rooms. Residential Skylights
    • In wet rooms they remove moisture and steam, keeping them dry.
    • In rooms with a stale air environment, they promote fresh air circulation
    • In kitchens they can assist in extracting out cooking smells

All of our models are easy to install, leak proof and suit any roof and pitch. Our attic fans and roof ventilation systems are engineered to allow efficient air circulation all year-round, making it more attractive than ever to take advantage of energy saving measures like solar power across Melbourne


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